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We’re not just your doctors; we’re also your coaches.
Life is a sport, and everyone is an athlete.

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We met in grad school in Portland back in 2009, and have become really close friends. You can usually find us hanging out together—whether it’s during clinic hours or not. Sometimes it's board meetings (surf, skate, snow). Sometimes we meet to put our heads together and spin the wheels (cycling). Sometimes we’ll even go clubbing (golf), but most of the time we're just trying to find an excuse to get out of the office (travel, stay active and enjoy life).  If there’s something you enjoy doing that we haven’t mentioned, you can probably talk us into trying it out with you. Let's talk! 


Dr. Greg Johnson DC, CCSP is a board certified chiropractor, receiving his degree from University of Western States.   

Since 2013, he has practiced in Seattle, Washington—specializing in sports medicine and completing post-graduate training as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.  He has worked with clients of all ages, abilities and activity levels, to decrease pain, recover from injuries and surgeries, and to improve overall human performance
and quality of life. 


Working with athletes from recreational, professional, and even Olympic levels—Dr Greg developed a special appreciation in the principles of providing his clients with education about their symptoms, movement exploration, exercise instruction
and self-care strategies. 


Starting with these fundamental building blocks—and only supplementing with more traditional, hands-on chiropractic care as needed—was the main goal of moving to New York and co-founding Apex: helping clients learn to understand their symptoms, improve their condition, and achieve long-term results through self-management—to empower you to get back to
and to continue enjoying the activities you value.



Dr. Scott Iseman, DC, MS has been in practice since 2012 after completing his doctor of chiropractic and masters of sports science degrees at University of Western States in Portland, Oregon.  


Prior to co-founding Apex, he practiced in an affiliate clinic for the Hospital for Special Surgeryfocusing on preoperative and postoperative orthopedic spinal and non-spinal injuries. Scott gained priceless experience working with a wide range of patients, while co-managing treatment protocols with New York’s most respected surgeons, orthopedists and primary care practitioners. 


His experience with patients over the years has shown him that every individual's experience is unique. Every patient has different goals for their treatment. Scott’s drive is rooted in forming lasting and meaningful relationships as he guides and teaches his patients  toward those individual goals.

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